Rhonda Stills Joins the College of Business as its Academic Advisor

The College of Business is thrilled to welcome Rhonda Stills, the new academic advisor for the College of Business.

rhonda stills COB: How long have you worked at UMW?

RS: Almost 5 years. Prior to joining the College of Business, I worked in the Registrar’s office as the assistant registrar for academic success.

COB: What is your new role? Who do you advise?

RS: I am the academic advisor for the College of Business. I advise undergraduate and graduate business students as well as potential business majors.

COB: How can students get in touch with you?

RS: Students can book appointments online with GenBook. They can also make appointments via email at cobadvising@umw.edu.

COB: When/how often should a student plan to meet with you?

RS: Students should plan to meet once per semester unless they have opted out of advising. (students with a GPA of  3.25 or higher may opt out by filling out the advising opt out form. The form may be found out-side of Woodard 232)

COB: What should students prepare before meeting with you?

RS: They should have an idea of their graduation date and what classes they are interested in taking. Also, students should review the senior check sheet in Banner! It will tell them exactly what classes or requirements are needed to graduate.

COB: What is something about you that we might not know?

RS: That I have lived in Egypt and Belgium. Also I like to play video games! I love all of the Nintendo 64 games.

COB: When you are not advising students, what do you enjoy most?

RS: I enjoy reading, cooking and walking my dog.

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