UMW and Germanna Community College “College Everywhere” Transfer Agreement to Fast-Track Business Major

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Soon-to-be Germanna accelerated online College Everywhere graduate Cheryll Mosley of Stafford who will transfer to UMW on 2 1/2 year path to a bachelor’s degree in business.

Germanna Community College and the University of Mary Washington have established a transfer program between Germanna’s College Everywhere program (“College Everywhere”) and University of Mary Washington’s College of Business designed to ensure that eligible students who have matriculated from College Everywhere can easily transition into a Business Administration bachelor’s degree pathway at Mary Washington.

The program is designed to encourage student achievement, increase bachelor’s degree completion rates and improve access and equity by facilitating the transferability of college credits and creating a streamlined transition from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree.

One of the primary features of the program is the accelerated nature of the College Everywhere program and online Business Administration courses offered by UMW.  Students will be able to complete both an associate degree and bachelor’s degree in approximately two and a half years.

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Guaranteed Acceptance

Under this agreement, UMW guarantees acceptance into the business program for eligible students at Germanna who have:

  • Earned an Associate in Arts and Science degree in Business Administration from the College Everywhere program by the end of the summer semester for fall admission or by the end of the fall semester for spring admission
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75
  • A minimum of 15 credits completed at time of application
  • Completed a Letter of Intent form with UMW by March 1 for Fall admission or September 1 for Spring admission
    • Priority application deadlines: April 1 for Fall admission or October 15 for Spring admission
    • For students wishing to take advantage of early advising and on-time registration, application deadlines are February 1 for Fall admission and September 15 for spring admission. Letter of Intent must accompany application.

Germanna students who do not meet the requirements for guaranteed admission may still apply and will be considered for regular admission, although admission is not guaranteed.

UMW will waive its application fee for students participating in guaranteed admission.

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UMW College of Business

Credits & Requirements

For all admissions to UMW, a maximum of 90 semester credits may transfer. For a course to qualify for transfer credit, the student must have earned at least a grade of C in the course. Credits earned prior to matriculation for AP, IB, CLEP, and other advanced standing will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

An official transcript showing the conferral of a transferable associate’s degree will waive UMW’s First Year Seminar, Writing and Speaking Intensive courses (except for those required for a major), and all courses required for the Methods of Investigation section of the general education requirements.

Students coming to UMW are responsible for meeting the foreign language requirement. Intermediate competency in a second language may be demonstrated by any of the following:

  • Completion of 201 or higher in a language including ASL
  • Completion of a Level IV course in high school as verified by high school transcript
  • Qualifying test score (i.e. CLEP, AP, IB, or SAT if taken prior to matriculation)

Students also have the option to complete foreign language online through Germanna.

Transfer Merit scholarships are awarded at the point of admission and are renewable for students who maintain full-time enrollment. Please refer to the admissions page for current scholarship information and requirements for renewal.