International Business Major

Why Major in International Business?

“International Business majors not only learn about international politics, economies, finance, marketing, and management, they also develop a cultural awareness and are positioned to work cross-culturally. With more and more organizations conduct business globally, International Business majors may find jobs that enable them to travel abroad and work in international corporations, international divisions of American companies, government agencies (e.g. U.S. Department of Commerce), foreign companies in U.S., or non-profit organizations. They may work in the fields of international accounting, trade, import/export, international human resource, international logistics, cross-culture consulting, international marketing, or international finance.” – Professor Wei Chen

Courses Within the International Business Program

Beginning 2015-2016, the College of Business changed its degree program to reflect the addition of majors. Previously, students who completed the program received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and were able to identify an area of specialization, but not a major.  Under the revised program, students still receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, but have a major specified on their transcripts.

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*ECON 201: Principles of Macroeconomics; *ECON 202: Principles of Microeconomics; *MATH 200: Introduction to Statistics (or equivalent: CPSC 320; ECON 361; PSYC 261); BLAW 201: Legal Environment of Business


Lower-Division Requirements: (12 credits)

ACCT *101, *102, MIST 201, DSCI 352

*ACCT 110 may be taken in place of the ACCT 101 and 102 sequence.

Upper-Division Requirements: (18 credits)

MGMT 301, MKTG 301, BUAD 350, DSCI 353, FINC 301, MGMT 490


BUAD 473: Environment of International Business Seminar**

MKTG 460: International Marketing***

BUAD 472 or MKTG 472: Business Seminar Abroad^ (requires international trip)

ECON 382: International Economics^^

Plus 6 credits selected from any upper level business elective or ECON 482, FREN 313, GERM 313, SPAN 393.

*Required for consideration for admission to the College of Business
** prereq: ECON 201
*** prereq: MKTG 301
^ permission of instructor
^^prereq: ECON 201 and 202