Academic Forms

Below is a list of academic forms and a short description regarding each form. Click on the form name to download. It is strongly advised that students keep copies of all forms submitted to any of the offices at UMW for their personal records.

  • Out of Sequence: Students seeking permission to take a course out of sequence MUST obtain the permission of the course instructor, the department chair, and approval from the Office of Academic and Career Services (OACS) prior to registration. Permission is noted on the OACS General Request Form. Failure to obtain the required permissions will result in the deletion of credits for courses taken out of sequence without prior permission.


  • Major Minor Declaration Form: A B.A/B.S. student who has successfully completed 28 credits or more is eligible to declare a major by submitting the Major/Minor Declaration Form to the chairperson of the chosen department. The Major/Minor Declaration Form is available in the Office of the Registrar, online or the chosen department. After the department has accepted the student as a major, the department chairperson assigns a major advisor to the student and signs the Major/Minor Declaration Form. The department chair sends the approved form to the Office of the Registrar. The major is not considered official until the Major/Minor Declaration Form is on file in the Office of the Registrar. Each semester, the Office of the Registrar sets a major declaration deadline for the semester.


  • Internship Contract: At UMW, to obtain academic credit for an internship, you have to complete the internship contract. This is a four-way agreement between yourself, the employer hosting the internship, your academic department and the Office of Academic and Career Services.