Recommended Core Course Sequence (4-year)

This is a recommended sequence of classes.*

                                    Year 1
Fall Semester   Spring Semester
ACCT 101 Accounting I ACCT 102 Accounting II
ECON 201 Macro ECON 202 Micro
Language Language
Arts, Literature, and
Performance (process)
Arts, Literature, and
Performance (appreciation)
                                    Year 2
Fall Semester  Spring Semester
MIST 201 MGMT 301
BLAW 201 MKTG 301
DSCI 259 Global Inquiry
Language Language
Human Experience
                                    Year 3  
Fall Semester  Spring Semester
FIN 301 DSCI 353
BUAD 350 Natural Science
 Natural Science with Lab
                                    Year 4  
Fall Semester  Spring Semester
MGMT 490
  • 4 writing intensive coursers needed: 3 are satisfied upon completion of BUAD 350, DSCI 259, and MGMT 490 (all required for business majors).
  • 2 speaking intensive courses needed: 1 satisfied upon completion of BUAD 350.
  • Business majors are encouraged to complete the Experiential Learning requirement by doing an internship, study abroad or doing additional work in DSCI 259 (please see instructor for more information).

* Each student’s situation is unique, so please contact the College of Business at and/or (540) 654-1019 if you have questions.