Student Research Grants

With the creation of the College of Business in July 2010, students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs can apply for student research grants.

Student Research Grants may be requested to:

(1) support for research-related supplies, services, and materials costs,

(2) support research-related travel (such as field studies or trips to primary source collections), or

(3) support travel to professional meetings and conferences where students present the results of their research.

Commonwealth travel regulations (business meals, per diem limits, accommodation limits, etc.) are strictly applied to all internal grants. You must adhere to these regulations and requirements when submitting requests for travel reimbursements. Also, you must use the current Travel Reimbursement Voucher (the one with the section FUND, ORG, ACCOUNT, PROGRAM codes) and follow all instructions if you want to avoid delays in being reimbursed. Reimbursement requests submitted on outdated forms will be returned to sender.

• When traveling by air or other common carrier, remember to complete the cost benefit analysis section on the Request for Travel form to demonstrate that you tried to get the best deal.

Request for Travel Form

• The Request for Overnight Travel form must be signed by all parties required BEFORE any purchases are made with respect to the travel indicated on the form. Any purchases made by the traveler that are prior to the date of the approving signatures on the Request for Travel form will not be reimbursed. In cases where a purchase was made via the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC), those charges will not be charged to the indicated University budget if the purchase was made prior to the date of the approving signatures on the overnight travel form.

2012-2013 COB Student Research Grant Application

2012-2013 COB Student Research Grant guidelines

Submit all applications to the Dean, College of Business, George Washington Hall, room 209