Recent Faculty Accomplishments

The COB faculty had over 100 Intellectual Contributions over the last five years, including 52 peer-reviewed journal articles and 18 other peer-reviewed publications including conference proceedings and practice-oriented articles.

The COB faculty produced a total of 28 basic scholarship contributions, 22 applied scholarship contributions, and 20 pedagogical contributions in the last five years.

Several faculty publications had high numbers of citations on Google Scholar. Select publications are below:

  • Intra-individual response variability as an indicator of insufficient effort responding: Comparison to other indicators and relationships with individual differences. AM Dunn, ED Heggestad, LR Shanock, N Theilgard, Journal of Business and Psychology 33, 105-121.


  • Treating employees well: The value of organizational support theory in human resource management. LR Shanock, R Eisenberger, ED Heggestad, G Malone, L Clark, AM Dunn, et al. The Psychologist-Manager Journal 22 (3-4), 168.


  • Less acting, more doing: How surface acting relates to perceived meeting effectiveness and other employee outcomes. LR Shanock, JA Allen, AM Dunn, BE Baran, CW Scott, SG Rogelberg, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 86 (4), 457-476.


  • The determinants of inter-organizational and internal in-house adoption of XBRL: A structural equation model. D Henderson, SD Sheetz, BS Trinkle, International journal of accounting information systems 13 (2), 109-140.


  • A SWOT analysis of competitive knowledge from social media for a small start-up business. G Brooks, A Heffner, D Henderson, Review of Business Information Systems (RBIS) 18 (1), 23-3


  • Building a sustainable competitive advantage. M Srivastava, A Franklin, L Martinette, Journal of technology management & innovation 8 (2), 47-60.