What’s Next for Recent Business Graduates

Where are undergraduates from the UMW College of Business heading after college? Take a look at a few of our recent graduates and find out where they have decided to apply their business skills in the next phase of their career.


Jack Eaton

Jack Eaton ’15

Company: Blue Swipe
Position: Marketing Manager

What aspect of your UMW experience helped you most in landing the job?

Communication at UMW was a huge aspect in allowing me to start a career right out of college. A local company was in need of a part-time employee for a marketing position and looked here at UMW to fulfill that need. The company contacted the business department at the College of Business who forwarded the message to the marketing professors who forwarded it to the students. If it wasn’t for the department and professor Gentry’s time to pass on the news of the opportunity, I might not be in as good of situation as I am in now. That part-time job has since turned into a full-time position with the company.

Chelsea Kopf

Chelsea Kopf ’15

Company: TML – A Xerox Company
Position: Account Executive

What aspect of your UMW experience helped you most in landing the job?

Taking advantage of the opportunity to become involved in the UMW community was the key ingredient for me in successfully launching a professional career after graduation. During college I looked for avenues to make a difference on campus. I started off giving tours, proceeded to join several groups and teams including the Performance Arts Club and Dance team, took on leadership roles in SGA and CHLS, and joined various academic groups. All of these experiences gave me the confidence and the knowledge I needed to pursue a career. I was very fortunate that as a result of my involvement with The College of Business Student Advisory Board, I became acquainted with Dean Richardson. Dean Richardson went out of her way to support me and provided me the opportunity to connect to a potential job opportunity with a terrific company. The many wonderful staff members at UMW want nothing but success for their students and take a personal interest in their development. Through Dean Richardson’s kindness and willingness to assist, I was able to launch my career! In addition, I am continuing my UMW experience as a graduate student, and plan to obtain my MBA by this Spring.

Cara Peters

Cara Peters ’15

Company: Marine Corps Systems Command
Position: Contract Specialist

What aspect of your UMW experience helped you most in landing the job?

I can attribute many aspects of my experience at UMW to helping me land my job, but overall I would say that reading the weekly newsletters and attending and participating in events hosted by the College of Business and the Office of Academic and Career Services is what helped me the most.

Through the newsletters and events, I first learned about careers with the federal government, internship opportunities where I could gain experience, and upcoming events such as career fairs and resume workshops.

By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by our university and participating in as many workshops, networking events, and job fairs as possible, I was able to prepare my resume and get in contact with mentors and employers who have helped pave the way to my career. You never know who you will meet or where that connection will take you!

Lauren Strayhorn

Lauren Strayhorn ’15

Company: Easy Dynamics Corporation
Position: Marketing Specialist

What aspect of your UMW experience helped you most in landing the job?

Holding leadership positions in campus organizations (president of the Marketing Club, sponsorship chair (2014-15),  survivorship co-chair (2012-14) of Relay For Life, and member of Varsity Women’s Soccer) played a key role in helping me to land the job. Though classroom knowledge was also very helpful, participating in club leadership gave me more practical experience that I was able to bring to my interviews. Because I had managed people and tasks effectively in my various clubs, I found it somewhat easy to answer their questions and to think of relative examples that demonstrated this ability. This enabled me to describe how I could translate those skills into their company and have an early impact as an employee. Club leadership also demonstrates that you’re proactive and eager to learn and grow as a person.

Ale Witherspoon

Ale Witherspoon ’15

Company: Avendra
Position: Staff Auditor

What aspect of your UMW experience helped you most in landing the job?

When I applied for the position of staff auditor, I was afraid I was not going to be able to qualify since I did not have any auditing experience. However, since this position required skills such as excellent communication skills, knowledge of Excel and Access, research skills and attention to detail, I felt like I was perfect for the position despite my lack of auditing experience. I feel that classes like Principles and Advance Accounting, Business Communication, Commercial Law, Applied Statistics and Research, Management Information Systems, and Accounting Information Systems definitely trained for the skill set the company was looking for. I had also done a couple internships in my field of study as part of my experiential leaning and I think that that also gave me an extra advantage. After applying and leaning more about the position, I realized that with my educational background, I was going to be just fine!