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FAQs for Incoming Business Students


What is the average class size for College of Business classes?

The average is 25 students, so you will know your professor and your professor will know you!

What kind of assignments can I expect in business classes?

You may work on a marketing plan as part of a team for a local organization, use EXCEL to solve problems, or participate in a simulation.  Some professors may ask you to read ‘classic’ business books as part of the course, while others will challenge you to do volunteer hours in the community.  Applied learning is a hallmark of a Mary Washington business degree.

Who will teach me, professors or teaching assistants?

There are no teaching assistants in the College of Business.  Each professor is an expert in his/her field of study.  Most have doctoral degrees and conduct academic research; a few bring more recent professional experience to the classroom.

Who will advise me regarding what classes to take?

While your Freshman Seminar (FSEM) professor will be your advisor for your first year, the College of Business Academic Advisor, Rhonda Stills, is available to ensure you have the answers you need!  Once you declare your major in business, she will be your academic advisor until you graduate.

Will I have opportunities to connect with the business community?

You will have numerous opportunities to interact with business professionals through seminars, real world-class projects, speed networking with the business community, and Learning Journeys (aka field trips) to area organizations.  Alumni serve as mentors to students and Career Chats, held every March, gives alumni a chance to visit classes and share career advice.

Are internships required for graduation?

While they are not required, they are encouraged.  At least 100 business students complete internships annually.

Can I study abroad as a College of Business student?

Yes, you can pursue regular course work during a semester at an international school such as a university in Milan or London.  While the university offers a series of opportunities, business professors lead two programs annually.  In recent years, those trips have been to the United Kingdom, Paris, Australia, and Chile.

Are there student organizations in the College of Business?

There is an Accounting Club, Marketing Club, and Investments Club.  You don’t have to be a major in these areas to join!  Additionally, you can apply to serve on the Dean’s Student Advisory Board that meets monthly with Dean Richardson.

What majors are available in Business?

The College of Business offers four different majors: Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, and International Business.  All business majors are multi-disciplinary degrees that require students master concepts from all business disciplines.

Why do students major in Business Administration?

The largest major in the College of Business, students like its flexibility and appreciate the opportunities it offers.  Graduates with the Business Administration major work for nonprofits, governments, Fortune 500 companies, and some have started their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Why do students major in Accounting?

The Accounting major provides students with a sound foundation to move in a broad range of professional directions in Accounting including the public, governmental, private, and not-for-profit sectors.   The College of Business annually invites many UMW accountants back to campus to interact with current students.  Each September we host “Meet the Firms;” interested students are exposed to those actually in the Accounting field, many of whom are UMW alumni.

Why do students major in Marketing?

A major in Marketing will help prepare students for jobs in virtually all industries.  In today’s world of evolving technologies and media fragmentation there is great demand for those that are able to successfully identify, understand, and reach consumers.  The tools that one learns in marketing enables students to work for Fortune 500 companies, non-government organizations, or as entrepreneurs who start their own business.  Students are able to gain strong quantitative skills, creative abilities, and selling skills, given them many choices for jobs.

Why do students major in International Business?

A major in International Business will help prepare students for jobs with multinational firms, domestic firms that import or export goods and services, public institutions such as the federal government and its myriad agencies, international charitable agencies, and environmental organizations.  By carefully selecting course electives and experiences, students may find international careers in a host of fields, including traditional business paths (accounting, finance, logistics, management, MIS, marketing, and purchasing) or unique professions determined by the desires of individual students.

Are there special requirements to get into the College of Business? 

First year students considering any of the business majors will need to take the following classes early in their studies: ACCT 101 and 102, STAT 180, ECON 201 and 202.   An average GPA of 2.5 is required in these courses, along with an overall GPA of 2.0 after 27 semester hours to declare a College of Business major.

What minors are available for Business Majors?  Non-Business Majors? 

Business majors can pursue almost any minor offered at the University of Mary Washington, with the exception of the Business Administration minor.  The College of Business supports several minors offered on campus, including the Financial and Quantitative Analysis minor, the Arts Administration minor, the Sports Management minor, the Data Sciences minor, and the Cybersecurity minor.  Non-Business Majors can pursue the Business Administration minor, which provides students with majors outside the College of Business with the conceptual foundations necessary to understand the complex components of today’s competitive business environment.

I’m transferring in to UMW from another institution.  Can I major in Business? 

Of course!  The University of Mary Washington has agreements with NOVA Community College, Germanna Community College, and Rappanhannock Community College that allow their graduates with Associates Degrees in Business to be directly admitted into our College of Business.  We want other transfer students, too.  Those students will be admitted to the College of Business after successfully completing nine semester hours of required business coursework with a cumulative GPA of 2.5.