Steven Hook ’15

1. What was your major/minor and when did you graduate?

Business Administration. Class of 15

2. What is your current position (title, company, location)?  Can you describe a typical day?

Branch Banker for PNC Bank in Fredericksburg. Throughout my day I work with clients to help them with a variety of financial needs from new checking accounts to home equity loans. When I’m not working with clients I am reaching out to existing clients to schedule financial review appointments.

3. How did your major prepare you for your current job?

It has given me the tools to intelligently discuss their needs and the financial benefits of different products. It also equiped me with a strong understanding of financial statements. This helps me help my clients understand their financial picture. Finally UMW’s commitment to writing and speaking allows me to communicate effectively with both my coworkers and my clients.

4.  How did you become interested in your field?

Making business deposits for the company I worked for while I was at UMW made me wonder what things would be like on the other side of the counter. Additionally all the different lines of business that stem from retail banking appeals to me. I have the opportunity to learn and challenge myself to master new skills.

5. What’s the best career advice you ever received?

Never stop learning. It has served me well so far. Plus it is a necessity in banking where federal regulations change all the time.

6. Was there a professor, advisor, or fellow student who made an impression on you or helped you when you were at UMW?

It’s hard for me choose. All the professors that I had were exceptional. But I really enjoyed and learned a lot from Dr Chris Garcia. In his class I worked on my experiential learning credit that was one of my greatest efforts.

7. What’s your fondest memory of UMW?

Going to the homecoming game my first semester.

8. Are there any special accomplishments you’ve achieved after college that you’d like to share?

Right now professionally speaking, I think that is still a work in progress. On the personal side of things, I have become a homeowner, a husband, and the father of an eight month old kitten.

9. How would your family or friends describe you in seven words or less?

Passionate, personable, caring, and thoughtful.

10. In one sentence, what advice would you give current business students? 

Don’t be afraid to know your self worth.