Holly Hudson ’18

1. What was your major/minor and when did you graduate?

    1. Business Administration
    2. Sports Management
    3. Class of 2018

2. What is your current position (title, company, location)?  Can you describe a typical day?

    1. Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Development at Fashion Centre at Pentagon City for Simon Property Group
    2. Arlington, VA
    3. Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Business Development, etc.

3. How did your major prepare you for your current job?

    1. I believe the biggest takeaway from my major was time management and communication you will use these two assets everyday.

4. How did you become interested in your field?

    1. I have always had a creative mindset and a background in event coordination so I found out by going into marketing I can utilize both of these.

5. What’s the best career advice you ever received?

    1. Complete every task like the CEO of the company is going to see it.

6. Was there a professor, advisor, or fellow student who made an impression on you or helped you when you were at UMW?

  1. The Richardson’s and Coach Caitlyn Moore taught me the most information that I have applied to my job and everyday life.

7. What’s your fondest memory of UMW?

    1. Being a part of the Women’s Lacrosse Team

8. Are there any special accomplishments you’ve achieved after college that you’d like to share?

    1. I have designed and created my own jewelry line. I sell wholesale in 8 different states in multiple boutiques and retail online on my website. I have created everything from the designs, to the business plan, to the creation of the website and distribution on my own.

9. How would your family or friends describe you in seven words or less?

    1. Passionate, caring, creative, dedicated.

10. In one sentence, what advice would you give current business students? 

    1. Never be afraid to go after something that you are passionate about. I have been passionate about becoming my own boss for years and I intend to do that when HOO. kicks off. I sketched out my first design my senior year at Mary Washington for my jewelry line and have created a significant second income (hopefully first soon J ) for myself doing something that I love and am so proud of myself for.