UMW COB Mission, Vision, and Values

COB Mission
The College of Business embraces the liberal arts tradition and the advantages of our geographic location to offer programs that prepare students for life as competent, honorable, and globally-aware leaders.
COB Vision
Learning and Engagement — A comprehensive and methodical approach to interact with, integrate, and involve all members of the University’s community, including current students, alumni, businesses and the community, UMW faculty and  administration, and peer institutions, with the desired outcome of sharing and developing knowledge.
COB Values
The following values provide members of the College of Business community with a shared sense of vision and aspiration:
1.  Diversity.  Diversity, in its broadest sense, is key to our learning organization.
2.  Scholarship.  We value the creation and pursuit of knowledge by students and faculty that result in publications and innovative business ideas.
3.  Integrity.  Honesty and fairness is at the core of our internal and external relationships.
4.  Partnerships.  We are committed to engaging in partnerships with other colleges of the University, community organizations, alumni and business
affiliates to extend the reach and impact of our mission.
5.  Service.  We are committed to working with our stakeholders to provide service opportunities as a valued business resource.
6.  Quality.  We strive to be excellent in all that we do.
COB Strategic Initiatives
1. Attain AACSB accreditation
2. Deliver market-driven programs
3. Build financial and infrastructure resources
4. Enhance collaborations with stakeholders

*Adopted March 2013 by the COB Leadership Team

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