COB Directory – faculty and staff

 College of Business Organizational Chart

Name Title Location Phone Email
Burrow, John Lecturer Woodard 238 540-654-5654
Chen, Wei Assistant Professor Woodard 251 540-654-1459
Deosthali, Kanchan Assistant Professor Woodard 216 540-654-1520
Dunn, Alexandra Assistant Professor Woodard 213 540-654-5857
Frackelton, R. Leigh Professor Woodard 257 540-654-1452
Garcia, Christopher Associate Professor Woodard 214 540-654-1456
Gentry, Lance Professor Woodard 144 540-654-1208
Gower, Kimberly Assistant Professor Woodard 140 540-654-5659
Graefe-Anderson, Rachel Associate Professor Woodard 258 540-654-1704
Henderson, Dave Assistant Professor Woodard 252 540-654-1918
Kinsley, Kimberley L. Senior Lecturer Woodard 253 540-654-1453
Lapke, Michael Associate Professor Woodard 214 540-654-1713
Machande, Kenneth Associate Dean Woodard 225 540-654-1457
Majid, Kashef Assistant Professor Woodard 247 540-654-1506
Marsh, John Assistant Professor Woodard 135 540-654-1450
Oxford, Smita Jain Senior Lecturer Woodard 254 540-654-1454
Quann, Lucy Office Manager Woodard 225 540-654-1019
Richardson, Woody  Professor Woodard 215 540-654-1561
Sarkar, Sayan Assistant Professor Woodard 248 540-654-5657
Stills, Rhonda Academic Advisor Woodard 232 540-654-1642
Srivastava, Mukesh Professor and Director, Center for Business Research Woodard 240 540-654-1458
Whitacre, Kelsey Outreach Coordinator and Career Coach Woodard 233 540-654-1223
Wolfe, Dan Visiting Lecturer Woodard 236 540-654-5658
Zhao, Xiaofeng Associate Professor Woodard 255 540-654-1519


Lynne Richardson


Ph.D., University of Alabama


Dr. Lynne Richardson was hired as the founding dean of the College of Business at UMW in 2011 and she served in this position until August 2017; from then until January 2019, she served as Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Lynne returned to her dean role, as it plays to her strengths. Previously she served as Dean of the Colleges of Business at Mississippi State University and Ball State University. She began her career at the University of Alabama at Birmingham after earning her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Alabama. Active in her communities, Lynne is a three-time Rotarian, has served on United Way Boards in two communities, and has been a leader in United Way campaigns in two communities. She also served as President of the Birmingham American Marketing Association chapter and has been a Girl Scout leader in three councils.

In Fredericksburg, Lynne served six years on the Spotsylvania Medical Health Center Board of Trustees. She has been heavily involved with a variety of AACSB International activities since 2001, serving two nonconsecutive three-year terms on the AACSB Board of Directors and as the chair of the Women Administrators in Management Education group and the Small Schools Network group.  She was a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma (honor society) Board of Governors.  She also founded (2003) and continues to facilitate the highly ranked Lessons for Aspiring Deans and has served on over 25 accreditation peer review teams.