COB Directory – faculty and staff

 College of Business Organizational Chart

Name Title Location Phone Email
Burrow, John Lecturer Woodard 238 540-654-5654
Chen, Wei Assistant Professor Woodard 251 540-654-1459
Cordray, Andrea Student Support and Outreach Coordinator Woodard 233 540-654-1242
Deosthali, Kanchan Assistant Professor Woodard 216 540-654-1520
Dunn, Alexandra Assistant Professor Woodard 213 540-654-5857
Fontem, Belleh Assistant Professor Woodard 136 540-654-1729
Frackelton, R. Leigh Professor Woodard 257 540-654-1452
Garcia, Christopher Acting Associate Dean Woodard 225 540-654-1456
Gentry, Lance Professor Woodard 144 540-654-1208
Gower, Kimberly Assistant Professor Woodard 140 540-654-5659
Graefe-Anderson, Rachel Associate Professor Woodard 258 540-654-1704
Henderson, Dave Assistant Professor Woodard 252 540-654-1918
Kinsley, Kimberley L. Senior Lecturer Woodard 253 540-654-1453
Lapke, Michael Associate Professor Woodard 214 540-654-1713
Machande, Kenneth Interim Dean Woodard 225 540-654-1457
Majid, Kashef Assistant Professor Woodard 247 540-654-1506
Marsh, John Assistant Professor Woodard 135 540-654-1450
Martinette, Louis Associate Professor Woodard 237 540-654-1451
Oxford, Smita Jain Senior Lecturer Woodard 254 540-654-1454
Quann, Lucy Office Manager Woodard 225 540-654-1019
Richardson, Woody  Professor Woodard 215 540-654-1561
Sarkar, Sayan Assistant Professor Woodard 248 540-654-5657
Stills, Rhonda Academic Advisor Woodard 232 540-654-1642
Srivastava, Mukesh Professor and Director, Center for Business Research Woodard 240 540-654-1458
Wolfe, Dan Visiting Lecturer Woodard 236 540-654-5658
Zhao, Xiaofeng Associate Professor Woodard 255 540-654-1519


Ken Machande
Interim Dean
M.B.A., Albany State
B.B.A., University of Mary Washington
 Ken Machande

Kenneth D. Machande has been Interim Dean of the College of Business since August 2017.  Previously he served as Associate Dean of Faculty in the College of Business and Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Mary Washington.

He teaches undergraduate accounting courses and is particularly interested in the area of not-for-profit enterprises.

A native of rural Minnesota, Machande holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Mary Washington (UMW), and an MBA from Albany State (Georgia) University. Additionally, Machande is a Certified Management Accountant, Certified Financial Manager, and Certified Public Accountant, and he holds memberships in the Institute of Management Accountants and the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Prior to joining UMW, Machande spent 21 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, serving as a logistics officer.

Machande currently serves as the Treasurer for the Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter.  The Center provides comprehensive programs and services to assist individuals and families who are at risk of becoming homeless or who have recently become homeless.

He served as treasurer for Friends of the Rappahannock, a not-for-profit river advocacy group which promotes environmentally responsible planning and provides a variety of public education programs. He held in this position from 2002-2011.

Machande also served as Comptroller for George Washington’s Fredericksburg Foundation in Fredericksburg, Virginia, from 2002-2008.  GWFF is a not-for-profit organization that owns and operates two National Historic Landmarks: Historic Kenmore and George Washington’s Ferry Farm.

Machande resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia with his wife, Samantha, and his two daughters.