Meet the Academic Advisor for the College of Business

Kim Kinsley

Professor Kinsley may be reached at or online through EAB.

My philosophy is that academic advising is a form of teaching. My role is to not only assist with the creation of a student’s academic plan but to foster critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and a sense of full responsibility. All are strengths that will serve them well in life and allow them to achieve their personal and professional goals. I am committed to making each interaction with our students meaningful and sincere because I want them to know that they matter to me, and that each is a valued member of the UMW community – not just a student ID number.

My expectations of students:

Understand that you are not a passive participant in the advising process. Engage in our advising sessions.

Be proactive and initiate contact with me.

Prepare for our appointments by thoughtfully considering your academic goals.

Take ownership of your academic career and accept responsibility for impactful decisions.

Familiarize yourself with the Academic Catalog, the Academic Calendar, and the UMW web page.

Know and meet deadlines.

Value your achievements and realize that mistakes can be stumbling blocks from which you can learn and grow.

Students can expect me to:

Listen. I want to hear their ideas, thoughts, and concerns.

Treat them in a respectful, caring, and considerate manner.

Always be honest and fair.

Respect their individuality. We all have unique talents, goals, and beliefs that set us apart from others.

Be knowledgeable of the curriculum as well as the policies and procedures at the University.

Empower them with the tools they will need to be successful at the University, in their personal lives, and in their future endeavors after UMW.

Provide referrals to other campus resources when necessary.

Keep regular office hours and respond to emails and telephone calls in a timely manner.