MMIS 590/591 Frequently Asked Questions

*Note: This is to be used as a guideline only. Policies and practices are subject to change. Please consult the current academic catalog or course schedule for the most up-to-date information.

  1. When should I plan to take MMIS 590 – MIS Research Project and MMIS 591- MIS Externship?
    Answer: You should plan to take these two courses the last spring semester before you graduate.
  2. Can I take other courses when I take MMIS 590 and MMIS 591?
    Answer: It is highly recommended you do not take any other courses while you are taking these two courses because they are demanding courses and will require a great deal of time.
  3. What is the delivery method for MMIS 590 – MIS Research Project?
    Answer: This course will be a full semester course and will meet one night a week several times during the semester, possibly not every week. Students will be informed about the meeting dates at the first class meeting.
  4. What are the requirements for MMIS 590 – MIS Research Project?
    Answer: You will be required to write a major research paper incorporating all aspects of academic research methodology. In addition, you will be required to present the results of your research at the end of the semester.
  5. How do I register for MMIS 590 – MIS Research Project?
    Answer: This course will appear on the spring schedule and you should be able to register for it the same way you register for other courses as long as you have completed the majority of your other MSMIS degree requirements.
  6. What is the delivery method for MMIS 591 – MIS Externship?
    Answer: This course is a full semester course with no scheduled class meetings. Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor. You will meet individually with your assigned faculty advisor throughout the semester at specified times to review your progress.
  7. Do I have to take my MMIS 591 – MIS Externship course in the spring?
    Answer: No, but it is highly recommend that you try to take your externship course the same semester you take the MMIS 590 – MIS Research Project course. You will benefit from taking them the same semester and be able to use information and knowledge from both to make the overall experience more enriching.
  8. How do I register for MMIS 591 – MIS Externship?
    Answer: This course requires some preliminary paperwork before you can register. You must fill out the MMIS 591: Management Information Systems Externship Application for Participation form along with the other forms designated on this form, sign it and deliver it to the MSMIS Program Director for signature. Once these forms has been signed and approved, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to work with you throughout the semester.
    All forms can be found at MMIS591Packagerev0810F_000[1] under MSMIS Externship Package.
  9. When do I need to fill out this preliminary paperwork for MMIS 591?
    Answer: It is highly recommended that you fill out the paperwork and obtain approval for your externship at least one semester in advance of registering for the course.
  10. How many hours are required for the externship?
    Answer: A minimum of 50 hours of work per credit is required. Most externship courses are 3 credits. This means students must complete a minimum of 150 hours of work over the period of one semester.
  11. How will you know how long I work on my externship?
    Answer: You must maintain a log file as you progress through your externship experience. The log file form is part of the externship packet of materials and can be found at MMIS591Packagerev0810F_000[1] under MSMIS Externship Package.
  12. How will I be graded on my externship?
    Answer: Your grade will be calculated by your faculty advisor based on a number of criteria including the number of hours worked, the organization/supervisor evaluation form, your completed project report and your oral presentation at the end of the externship.
  13. What are the requirements for my oral presentation for MMIS 591- MIS Externship?
    Answer: You will be required to orally present for approximately 30 minutes. Your oral presentation will be accompanied by visual materials. You should provide an overview of the work you performed and the experience you gained from the work. Your externship supervisor, faculty advisor and other invited guests will be asked to attend.
  14. How do I find a company to work for?
    Answer: Many students find a project in their workplace that is outside their normal duties. Others ask peers in their courses about opportunities at their workplaces. The Office of Advising Services maintains a list of potential opportunities. Ultimately, finding a company is the student’s responsibility, but there are support systems in place to provide help when needed.
  15. What type of project should I be looking for?
    Answer: There are many different types of projects a student can select from, but it must be in an area of management information systems and it cannot be something you do every day in your job. Some examples of potential projects:
    • performing a feasibility analysis in a particular business area that could be enhanced by using or upgrading an information system,
    • performing an information system strategic audit for a particular company,
    • updating or creating an e-commerce presence to better utilize information within an organization and create a competitive advantage,
    • creating a knowledge management system to help managers centralize organizational knowledge for decision making, better business process effectiveness and business process efficiency.