Faculty Governance


The College of Business Faculty Council is currently made up of all full-time members of the Teaching Faculty. The Faculty Council is responsible for the academic and curricular policies of the degree programs delivered by College of Business.
President Alexandra Dunn
Secretary Kim Kinsley
Parliamentarian John Marsh
Reporting to the Council are four committees.
Assurance of Learning
The annual faculty evaluation system
Other faculty welfare concerns
Development and supervision of a committee system as necessary for the orderly exercise of the authority delegated to the faculty
Faculty contributions to the annual evaluation of College of Business administrative faculty and support staff. In addition, the Faculty Organization and Welfare Committee is responsible for studying and recommending revisions to the Faculty Handbook (see Section 2.6.2. below). Decisions of the Faculty Organization and Welfare Committee are reported to the Faculty Council for approval.
Chair Sayan Sarkar
Members Kanchan Deosthali, Mukesh Srivastava, Xiaofeng Zhao
Academic Policy and Admissions The task of this Committee is to attend to all matters related to Academic Policy and Procedures, including:
Evaluating College of Business academic policies
Establishing procedures and standards on an ongoing basis
Formulating recommendations as necessary to ensure the continuing reputation and record of the College of Business as a high quality institution
Studying and recommending actions concerning all matters of an academic nature for College of Business, including, but not limited to, the policies governing admissions, readmissions, student outcome assessment, the length and scheduling of classes, the academic calendar, internships, and other major programs.
Chair Kashef Majid
Members Wei Chen
Promotion and TenureThe Promotion and Tenure Committee during Academic Year 2020-2021.
Chair Dave Henderson
Members John Marsh, Kanchan Deosthali, Kashef Majid
Curriculum and Outcomes Assessment – This Committee’s responsibilities include studying, recommending action on, and establishing policies and procedures for approval, deletion, and change of all course offerings, course descriptions and course numbers, majors, concentrations and programs, general degree requirements, and proposed new majors or programs.
Chair Rachel Graefe-Anderson
Members Kim Kinsley, Samira Fallah