Message from the Dean

The College of Business transforms our students by providing cutting edge instruction from research active professors in a cooperative environment.  Our undergraduate curriculum is based upon a traditional liberal arts foundation, and both the undergraduate and graduate curricula emphasize ethical decision-making, critical thinking, effective communications, research design and data analysis from national and global business perspectives.  Both programs are designed to produce creative and competent leaders.

Class sizes in the College of Business are small, averaging about 25 students per section, and we don’t have teaching assistants.  That means our professors teach and get to know our students on a personal level.  These connections cause deep academic discussions, rich professional advice, strong connections to alumni, and important research opportunities.

Alumni from the College of Business are found in nearly every industry, and we work hard to connect alums with current students.  For example, faculty members turn their classrooms over to our alums for a day so students can learn from those who were in their seats not long ago.  Students can apply to be paired with an alumni mentor as early as their freshman year at UMW.  In addition to career advice, the relationships developed between students and alums often result in internships and jobs after graduation.

We are engaged in the community.  Our faculty members develop course projects that help solve problems for regional businesses – and this real-life application of concepts give our students confidence in the proficiency of their education.  Well over 100 business students participate in academic internships every year, and these experiences develop professional skills and confidence that students need to be successful after graduation.

The University of Mary Washington is accredited by AACSB International, the world’s premier business school accreditation organization, which provides assurance that we meet the highest standards of quality in business education.

Faculty, staff, and students from the College of Business are engaged in innovative learning opportunities that have an impact on the region and in each student’s life.  We look forward to helping you reach your aspirations.

Ken Machande
Interim Dean, College of Business

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