FAQ’s for Sports Management Minors

  1. What are the required classes for the Sports Management minor? IDIS 130 (Introduction to Sports Management), IDIS 230 (Sports Law), PHYD 330 (Events and Facility Management), MKTG 301 (Principles of Marketing), either MGMT 301 (Principles of Management) or IDIS 301 (Sports Psychology), plus PHYD 499 (Sports Management Internship).
  1. Can I take the courses in any order?   IDIS 130 must be taken before PHYD 330.  PHYD 330 must be taken before PHYD 499.  Otherwise, courses can be taken in any sequence.
  1. I want to do an internship before completing PHYD 330. Can I?  Yes, but you may not receive credit for PHYD 499 until after you have successfully completed PHYD 330.
  1. Are there specific semesters these courses are offered?   IDIS 230 and IDIS 330 are only offered in the fall semester.  IDIS 130 is offered in the spring and summer.  MKTG 301 and MGMT 301 are offered fall, spring and summer annually.  IDIS 301 is offered in the fall only.  Beginning spring 2017, PHYD 499 will be offered fall, spring and summer.
  1. How quickly could I complete the minor? A student could take IDIS 130, MKTG 300, and MGMT 301 either in the spring or summer, IDIS 230 and PHYD 300 the following fall, and complete PHYD 499 in the spring (or three semesters).
  1. How do I find a Sports Management internship? And how can I sign up for this course?  While a student may find their own opportunity, many students find their internship through the Office of Career and Professional Development.  Once an opportunity is identified, the student will complete the UMW internship academic credit form.  Coach Patrick Catullo is the faculty contact for all Sports Management internships.
  1. How do I declare my minor in Sports Management? Complete the major/minor declaration form and bring it to Woodard 225 for processing.
  1. Who do I contact with additional questions about this minor? Contact the Dean’s Office in the College of Business.  Either Dean Lynne Richardson or Associate Dean Ken Machande will address your questions.