What Our Graduates and Students Are Saying

Bienvenue_Joan_Head_ShotWhen I was looking for an MBA program, there were a few criteria that were very important to me, finding a school with an excellent academic reputation, finding a program that would provide me with a wide variety of coursework experiences, courses taught by high quality faculty, with diverse experiences, and a school that could work with my lifestyle.  UMW fit all of these criteria and then some, with the added benefit of being in my backyard.  As a scientist, I had no background in business, other than through my limited work experience as a PM.  The program provided me with a strong foundation of coursework and experiences that built and strengthened my business acumen and provided me with lasting contacts.  Additionally, I was able to blend my scientific background with these business experiences to develop a truly unique set of capabilities and core strengths that I utilize every day in the work I do.  In fact, as a result of my UMW educational experience, I was able to transition from being a Chief Scientist and Program Manager at Lockheed Martin, directly into an executive leadership role at the University of Virginia.  The unique combination of skills I gained through my experiences in the MBA program, with my technical and scientific background, enabled me to take on this new role as Director of the Applied Research Institute, where I am growing new technical programs and business for the university.  The decision to choose the University of Mary Washington was the right one for so many reasons and I couldn’t be happier with the positive impact it has made in the development of my skills, my understanding and application of business practices, and my career.

Joan M. Bienvenue ’12
Director of the Applied Research Institute
University of Virginia


The University of Mary Washington MBA program challenged me to be a visionary leader and gave me the opportunity to immediately apply business principles in my workplace. I also gained an invaluable network of quality individuals who were my classmates and professors.

Larry Andrews ’11
Director of Finance and Accounting
Rappahannock Electrical Cooperative


When the Great Recession hit our firm, it became apparent that I needed not only be a competent professional engineer, but also a skilled business leader.   University of Mary Washington’s MBA program offered a convenient means of developing business skills in the classroom at night and putting them to work the next day.  I have been able to translate my academic work into projects such as leveraging social media to reduce marketing costs and improving our approach to financial goal setting using simulation techniques.  The returns from these projects and others have paid my tuition many times over.  My UMW MBA will give me a great advantage in business and my career.

Peter O’Hara, P.E.
Senior Vice President
Engineering Consulting Services, Mid-Atlantic



I chose the University of Mary Washington MBA program after considering several traditional university executive MBA programs and non-traditional online programs.  UMW offered the most flexibility with the part-time evening 8 week section program while maintaining the quality and credibility of a traditional university sponsored program.  I have recently started in a new CEO position where I have been charged with evaluating the current organization and implementing new strategies and structures to achieve the organization’s goals as set by the governing board and volunteer executive committee.  This process must also consider the needs of organization’s dues paying members, stake holders and professional team/staff members.  Two of my recent UMW MBA classes have been particularly relevant in providing me with the tools for this task: Visionary Leadership, and Organization Theory and Design.  In addition, the team members in the UMW Office of Academic and Career Services were instrumental in coaching me through my resume development and ensuring I presented my experience and background in the most advantageous manner when I applied for this new position.  Thank you UMW!

Terrie L. Suit ’14
Chief Executive Officer
Virginia Association of Realtors


My experience at UMW provided me with an incredible sounding board – access to smart, motivated students and professors – against which  I could bounce ideas for how to improve the solutions I propose to clients. As a result, I am able to engage clients in thought-provoking conversations that drive them to think outside the box and to apply industry best practices in the federal sector.

Kristina Barbee ’10
Lead Associate, Business Development
Booz Allen Hamilton