Center for Business Research

business-5_previewThe University of Mary Washington has established the Center for Business Research, formerly known as Center for Economic Research. The purpose is to support economic development and business research at the University of Mary Washington. The CBR’s Advisory Board assesses the region’s annual needs for research and reporting and holds quarterly meetings.

The Center’s goal is to collaboratively plan and conduct research activities by the College of Business (COB) faculty and interested UMW faculty members from the UMW Colleges of Arts and Science and Education, based on their interest and skill sets for regional impact-related activities in the future. It is, however, primarily driven by the collaborative efforts of the COB faculty.

As a local source for regional economic analysis and expertise, the Center was strategically created as a part of UMW’s College of Business to capitalize on access to highly regarded faculty and opportunities for student engagement. Through internships and employment opportunities, the Center will provide hands-on learning opportunities for students to assist the Center’s faculty in the research and preparation of reports on regional economy.

Please contact Dr. Dave Henderson, Director of the Center for Business Research, at with inquiries.