MBA Students and UMW Center for Economic Development Go Beyond the Classroom For Project with the Stafford Regional Airport

people standing as a group.

Group of COB/MBA students with Dr. Louis Martinette from the COB and Brian Baker, Executive Director of CED.

During the 2018 Spring Semester an MBA student group, in concert with the UMW Center for Economic Development (CED), worked on a project for the Stafford Regional Airport (SRA).  The group of COB/MBA students, working with Dr. Louis Martinette, Brian Baker, Executive Director of CED and help from alumni mentor Micah Dalton, produced a written strategic marketing plan for SRA. The outcome of the planning process was a plan that described a clear strategy for growth for SRA. The strategic marketing planning process included hands-on work with the Stafford Airport Authority, preparation, and follow-up evaluations along with a clear strategic plan of implementation.

Through the process the student team and the Airport Authority worked together on a review of the current business model, revising the mission and vision, answered key questions for expanding the scope of business, and identified opportunities and defined ideas for expanding the business footprint of SRA.  The student team included Omar Awan, Megan Holder, Steven Ping, Max Watson, Kaitlynn Wickersham.

Dave Ellis, Vice Chairman of the SRA Authority a 25-year Air Force veteran and nine years in a senior civilian role at Air Force Headquarters in the Pentagon said: “During those years I’ve been through numerous planning exercises and the project led by these UMW grad students has the been the best by far. Each meeting was professionally run and we accomplished specific activities and achieved desired outcomes to produce an exceptional Strategic Plan. The plan will re-focus our collective efforts into a cohesive approach, allowing the SRA to deliver outstanding experiences to our customers, business partners and the community.”



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