Senior Reflections: Sean Kinslow ’17

Sean Kinslow

Sean Kinslow ’17

Graduation is here. Four years at Mary Wash already gone, in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Looking back, I am so happy I made the decision that I did in coming to UMW. I have made lifelong friends, made memories and learned things in and out of the classroom that will help shape me fort the rest of my life.  I came to Mary Wash for a degree but I will be leaving with so much more. The “so much more” came from getting involved here on campus.

As a business major, I have really enjoyed my four years in the College of Business (COB). Great professors, small class sizes, and a friendly and helpful administration have all left me with an outstanding experience in the COB. Even better than in-classroom activities was getting involved outside of the required lectures. The COB constantly has great events for business majors and non-business majors alike. Activities such as mocktails, speed networking, and guest lectures were some of my favorites. These events helped prepare me for life outside of UMW. The guest lecturers were also helpful, providing me with insight that I may not get from in the classroom, making me a more well-rounded student. Another way I got involved with the COB was serving on the Dean’s Student Advisory board for two years. This board met once a month and was a true cross section of the students within the COB. The group discussed issues pertaining to classes, activities and pretty much anything that was affecting students within the COB. After the College of Business was “homeless” for my first two years at UMW, our new home in Woodard has brought the COB together in a way that it hadn’t before. The College of Business is starting to feel more like a community.

I will also be graduating with a minor in sports management. My classmates and I (there is about 12 of us) will be the first crop of students graduating with this minor at UMW coming in May. It was fun to be a part of a new minor at UMW. Going through the required classes with the same group of people also allowed me to meet new friends and gain new perspectives compared to my usual business classes.

Academically I have had some great experiences here at the University of Mary Washington, but I spent large part of my time being involved with the UMW Athletics Department. I first began interning for the athletics department in the second semester of my sophomore year and I continue to intern for the department today. A lot of what I do for the athletics department involves social media, covering games but I also help out with big events such as homecoming and Eagle Nation Day. I have had many great experiences with athletics, from day to day activities to help keep the department going to getting to travel with the volleyball team to cover their journey in the NCAA National Volleyball tournament. I’ve met a lot of great people I wouldn’t otherwise would have had the chance to meet by getting involved. Getting to know all the people who make the athletic department tick has been a great pleasure and gives me a new appreciation for how much “behind the scenes” work goes into NCAA athletics.

Overall, my time at Mary Washington was amazing and something I will always cherish. Classes and academics were good but the true spirit of Mary Wash can’t be encapsulated without getting involved. I urge anyone out there to get involved on campus with something you are passionate in or something you have never tried before. In doing so you will become more well-rounded, meet many new friends, and have and identity in the Mary Wash community beyond the classroom.

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