Senior Reflections: Sierra Turner ’17

What COB Means To Me

Written by Sierra Turner ’17

Sierra Turner

Sierra Turner ’17

Here I am in my final semester at the University of Mary Washington. Over the past few years I have made lifelong friends, gained a vast amount of knowledge, and made the University of Mary Washington my home. The most impactful part of my time here has been being involved with the College of Business, also known as the COB. Come graduation, I will not only leave the university with professional relationships and the knowledge to successfully go out into the “real world,” but also a new perspective of what COB really means to me.

Community, Opportunity, and Beneficial conjointly interpret my experiences with the College of Business. Reminiscing to the first day I stepped foot into Woodard Hall I was overwhelmed with the sense of community between the students, staff, and professors. While walking through the building I was greeted with warm smiles, enlightening conversations, and the sense of belonging. In class professors were welcoming and inclusive. Through countless group projects, I have managed to meet the most inspiring people that I will be able to depend on for the rest of my life.

Professionalism is one word I have come in contact with many times throughout the past four years. The College of Business has granted opportunities to accomplish being a professional and interacting with others in a professional way. Through classes, workshops, and annual events each student has the opportunity to gain professional insight that will prepare them for future careers and life in general. During classes, professors also share their professional experiences which transform into extensive advice to us as young professionals.

Lastly, being a part of the College of Business has been the most beneficial aspect of my college career. Every experience in and out of the classroom has opened my eyes to possibilities that are in store for my future. Additionally, every day I gain knowledge or a skill that benefits me not only academically or professionally, but in my day to day activities as well. There is no doubt in my mind that being a part of the University of Mary Washington’s COB has prepared me for life after college and will have abounding benefits in the future.

Every semester I get the opportunity to speak to incoming students that are eager to learn more about the University. Each chance I am given I mention how the College of Business is a community within the broad UMW community, is filled with opportunities to take advantage of, and has been exceedingly beneficial to my time as an undergraduate student.



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