Senior Reflections: Sean Prin

As graduation quickly approaches, the College of Business will feature a new senior blog post each week. This week’s post is from Sean Prin.  Sean is majoring in accounting and will begin work at KWC, Certified Public Accountants in Alexandria, Virginia.

Sean Prin '17

Sean Prin ’17

In my time at the University of Mary Washington and the UMW College of Business, I have matured in my studies and character through sports and the relationships built with my professors. Although I no longer play lacrosse, the time I spent going to workouts, practices, and social events helped me develop the necessary skills to balance work and fun. My motto became “work hard, play hard.” There is sometimes a negative perception about athletes in regards to the classroom. But that is not true. As athletes, we are taught to put our studies first, hence the term “student-athlete.” My coaches never gave me issues when I needed to see a professor and had to be late for practice. The biggest issue I struggled with were the days when we would have 6 a.m. conditioning, class, practice, team lift, and film. On those days, I always felt exhausted knowing I had to finish my work, but I knew that my professors expected the same out of me as they did all their other students. I took advantage of what the College of Business had to offer with tutors and help from my professors. Through them, I was able to put myself in a strong position for the future.

I do not dedicate my success solely to college coaches and the game. My success started with the amazing professors that were given to me by the College of Business, especially my accounting professors (Machande, Frackelton, and Hubbard).  They each have a unique ability to touch their students and provide the necessary skills needed to succeed.

As I move on from the College of Business into the real world, I feel confident in the research methods taught to me in my classes and the ability to tackle any problem that comes my way. The best advice I received from my professors is to always feel comfortable asking questions, and when I don’t know the answer to a problem, I just don’t know the answer YET.

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