Meet Mentor Allison Bertsch

Allison meets her student mentee during Homecoming 2012.

The College of Business (COB) is committed to providing real world experiences and connections for our students in the business community.  To that end, we have begun matching UMW alumni who work in business disciplines with business students.  One of our mentors is Allison Bertsch ’07.  She is currently the Leadership and Organizational Development Specialist at Moody’s Corporation in New York, New York. She was previously the Learning and Organizational Development Coordinator at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.  Allison returned to UMW for Homecoming in October 2012 and enjoyed a face-to-face meeting with her student mentee.  Here is what Allison has to say to students about the Mentorship Program:

Mentor Allison Bertsch

Mentor Allison Bertsch

“Having a mentor during college is an opportunity I wish I had.  As a college student, you’re learning theories, skills, covering case studies – all inside the bubble of school.  Yes, you need that groundwork to be successful out in the “real world.”  I’m not a proponent of growing up too fast, but you will be well-served to be curious about the world happening outside of campus during your college days.  Being curious includes doing an internship, taking a job, volunteering and arguably, most importantly, seeking out a mentor.  All of these experiences will make you a stronger candidate for your first big job – but having a mentor can change your entire life trajectory.  A mentor has the experience of working full-time, building networks, navigating job hunts, office politics, and career changes.  Those are some of the professional benefits you stand to gain from engaging with your mentor.  A mentor is also a life resource for you – he or she takes the time to get to know you, what your goals are, and how you would like them to help.  Your mentor has valuable experiences to share with you about the part of the journey you’re about to embark on as you look to graduation, because he or she has been there.  Your mentor wants to help you be successful.  All you have to do is start asking questions.”

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