Jennifer Monroe ’18

1. What was your major/minor and when did you graduate?

I majored in Business Administration with a minor in Sports Management and graduated in May 2018.

2. What is your current position (title, company, location)? Can you describe a typical day?

My job title is Marketing Associate. I am the Marketing Associate and Director of Internal Recruitment for Resource Options, Inc. in our headquarters Needham, MA. No day is the same. I manage all of the marketing efforts as well as the internal recruiting for 8 office locations (throughout MA, NH, CT, NJ, NY).

As the one and only Marketing Associate, I play a critical role in furthering the marketing plan, implementing new initiatives, and acting as a brand ambassador for the firm. This includes: social media marketing, public relations, event planning, networking events, promotional items, etc.

As an Internal Recruiter, I identify and qualify top talent for internal opportunities in the roles of Recruitment and Account Management. This includes: sourcing, phone screening, administering skills assessments, tracking all candidates, scheduling interviews. I train new hires (recruiters) on: LinkedIn, social media marketing, job postings, and marketing initiatives.

3. How did your major prepare you for your current job?

The UMW College of Business prepared me for a smooth transition from school to work by providing me with the skills necessary to succeed. My business courses taught me exceptional critical-thinking skills, my involvement in various leadership groups, internships and working in the career center enhanced my communications skills, multitasking abilities, creativity and ability to lead others.

4. How did you become interested in your field?

I grew up with a love of leadership, involvement, creativity, and writing, so this industry was the perfect combination of them all. Getting into a leadership role was always a no-brainer for me- I wanted a career that could inspire others and a career that could also serve as a creative outlet.

5. What’s the best career advice you ever received?

Be a lifelong learner, say ‘yes’ to the scary stuff, get out of your comfort zone, be a team player and if opportunities don’t come your way, create them.

6. Was there a professor, advisor, or fellow student who made an impression on you or helped you when you were at UMW?

So many!

Professor Kim Gower: College of Business, Professor, and Mentor. Not enough words could describe how thankful I am for Dr. Gower. I remember reading the syllabus to her Leadership Theory and Practice class prior to the first day and to be honest, feeling a little nervous; but ready for the challenge. Dr. Gower played a huge part in my growth as a student, leader and strong business woman.

Andrea Cordray: College of Business, UMW Leadership Colloquium and mentor. I partnered with Andrea to market the Leadership Colloquium, which in turn assisted me in finding passion for marketing and community outreach. Andrea became a great mentor and was one of my go-to people for advice and guidance as I was getting ready for graduation and transitioning back to MA for a career in marketing.

Dean Lynne Richardson: Dean’s Advisory Board, UMW Women in Business and UMW Leadership Colloquium. Dr. Richardson is a great leader and mentor. My involvement in various groups on campus and throughout the college of business allowed me to stay connected with her. She continued to provide advice, guidance and knew who to connect you to; whether you were looking for an internship, job opportunity or an additional mentor. Dr. Richardson played a huge part in connecting me with my now mentor, Anne Kroger. (Who is from MA/in marketing/ within the AEC industry; and I get to network with her to do this day!)Truthfully, Dr. Richardson is a perfect example of strong women in business and leadership roles- so inspiring!

Professor Woody Richardson: College of Business, Professor, Mentor. I took a variety of Dr. Richardson’s courses; ranging from Strategic Management to Sports Management. I took away so much valuable information from his classes, which has allowed me to implement them in the world of work!

Lisa Bowling: University Relations. I met Lisa my senior year at UMW, when I made it to the final round of the SAA (Student Alumni Ambassadors) Mock Interview Competition, where Lisa was one of the judges. From that day, we stay connected. Networking at Alumni Events, getting coffee, and I was excited to see her in Boston a few months ago. Lisa is one of my personal cheerleaders. She gives great advice, guidance and I remember a time she put me on the spot to step outside of my comfort zone by speaking in front of a large audience at an Alumni Donor Event.

Bianca Hightower & Rose Maddox: Career Center. Bianca led the Peer Career Consultant program and I was happy to be a part of her first “batch of students”. I worked in the career center for 3 years. Bianca and Rose helped guide and initiate my career development and interest for helping others with resumes/ LinkedIn/ and marketing events.

Anne Kroger: UMW College of Business Alumni Mentorship Program. Anne is a rock star and living in the New England Area. We still get coffee and connect every other month. Providing insight and guiding me into the success of my marketing career path within the A/E/C Industry.

 7. What’s your fondest memory of UMW?

Way too many to pick just one. However, if I had to pick just one, it would be the Strategic Management Case Competition. We were assigned a case; description of real events in an organization and as a group needed to assume the role of a decision maker, analyze the case and come up with an action plan. There were 30 teams in this competition and two rounds to determine a winner. My team was made up of myself and 4 men, we called ourselves “Jen and The Stay At Home Dad’s” In the final round, we presented to a panel of judges and a classroom full of people. We took the title and won this case competition. Other than the proud acknowledgement of winning, I took away so much more. I built my confidence as a strong business woman working with a group of men and presenting our results to a room full of people.

8. Are there any special accomplishments you’ve achieved after college that you’d like to share?

I graduated college in May 2018 and began working less than a month later. Within 3 months of working for my company, I was presented the idea of rebranding and launching a new logo. Resource Options, Inc. has been in business for 20 years and only 3 months into my career I spearheaded the launch and rebrand of the entire company.  Within the industry, I have been recommended and participate in networking associations. I am on the Outreach Committee for SMPS Boston (Society of Marketing Professional Services) as well as on the Marketing Committee for ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors).

9. How would your family or friends describe you in seven words or less?

She is dedicated, personable, and hard-working and gives her all as a part a team.

10. In one sentence, what advice would you give current business students?

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus and resources to assist you and your success as a student in preparation for the world of work; take advantage of them.