Message from the Dean

October 2017 –  from the College of Business Quarterly Newsletter for Alumni and Friends

Ken MachandeIt was a slow summer in many ways for the College of Business.  While Lynne continued important work in drafting our accreditation communications to AACSB, many of our faculty members found places far away from campus to continue research projects, share time with loved ones, and plan for the fall.

Hmmm . . . . what else has happened . . . . .

On August 7, UMW made some major organizational changes.  Our Dean, Lynne Richardson, was assigned the duties of the Vice President of Finance and Administration for the University on an interim basis.  While this assignment is a full time position, Lynne maintains the ”right of return” to the duties of the Dean of the College of Business until the “interim” part of her title is removed.  It is important to note that Lynne would not have been taken from us if the College had not been operating as it should.

During this “interim” period, I have been appointed as Acting Dean while Lynne is off doing other important work for the University.  As such, I am responsible for day-to-day operation of the College, including the facilities, finances, scheduling, outreach, advising, staffing, and more.  The important thing for you to know is that Lynne will remain heavily involved in our AACSB accreditation process regardless of her assignment.  It has been made crystal clear to me that achieving AACSB accreditation is near the top of the priorities for our College, if not at the top, by the leaders of UMW.

I am thankful that Chris Garcia has agreed to serve as the Associate Dean for the College of Business.  Chris will be working on all faculty matters, including class scheduling, performance appraisals, student challenges, and many other duties.  Chris and I know we cannot keep the College running by ourselves.  We need the help of faculty and administrative staff.  We have asked them to continue their jobs at the exceptional level most already perform, and I’m certain that all will continue to teach, research and serve wonderfully.

We are now in the sixth week of the semester, and a lot of great things have already happened in the College of Business.  Here are some of the highlights:

On Wednesday, September 13, we hosted our annual accounting “Meet the Firms” event. We had two governmental agencies represented, and accounting firms of all sizes including two of the big four accounting firms in attendance, KPMG and Deloitte.   Forty three students officially registered at the door, but there were more in attendance who didn’t register.  Almost all of the students were from business, but some were from other disciplines, like chemistry and psych.    Without exception, our students dressed professionally, asked appropriate question, were polite, and presented themselves in an appropriate manner.  Every firm I spoke with confirmed my observations, with one representative stating, “You have come a long way in seven years”.   As an aside, I counted twelve UMW business graduates at the event including all four representatives of KPMG and two from Deloitte.

We had our first College of Business Majors Admission Ceremony on Friday, September 15, the kickoff of Family weekend.  We had about 65 new COB majors with 75 or so family and friends attend the event along with sixteen COB faculty and staff.  An alumnus and a current student speak about what it means to be a COB major, and we presented each of our new admitted students a fantastic leather portfolio stamped with the UMW College of Business logo.  It was an outstanding event.

We organized the Family Weekend College of Business Panel on Saturday morning, September 16, during Family Weekend.  We had three great alum’s on the panel, Whitney (Packett) English (’09), Chelsea Kopf (’15), and Joey Carleton (’13), talk about their UMW experiences to attendees made up of parents and students.

We had several faculty members staff the COB table at Saturday’s Open House.  We had the chance to meet dozens of potential students, and hopefully we influence some of them to consider attending UMW!

This is the seventh (or so) year we have held Speed Networking, which happened on September 27.  All of the students were extremely professional, and the professionals had very positive comments about the students’ demeanor and collegiality.

The first 2017/18 COB Student Advisory Board meeting was held on September 28 at 7 am!  Our advisors are a lively bunch, and they represent in-state and out-of-state, Seniors through Freshmen, non-traditional and traditional, resident and commuting students.  We talked about how we can improve student attendance at events like speed networking, and they had MANY great suggestions that we are now implementing.

Lou Marmo (’94) hosted a COB at a UMW Affinity Group event (COB focused) on September 28 at his home in Richmond.  Emma Murphy, ’16, helped organize the event.  My estimate is around 45-50 people attended the event, and most of the attendees were UMW business grads from the past four decades.  There were a lot of positive attitudes about UMW in the house!

Now for the big deal.  Many faculty members in the COB will be participating in playing a game of kickball versus CAS faculty on Wednesday, October 4, at 4:22pm.  The Department of Psychology Sciences set the time.  We get to choose the umpire.  I have not heard back from the UMW Chief of Police, Chief Hall yet, but we are hoping he will accept the job!

On Friday, October 20 at 6:00pm we will host the First Annual Business Alumni Awards. The COB will honor 11 alumni at this inaugural event. Ticket pricing is as follows:

$40 – faculty tickets (payable by cash or check. Contact Andrea Cordray)

$80 – individual tickets

$70 – sponsor a student (allows one top performing student to attend event for $10)

An anonymous faculty member challenged the COB faculty to raise money for the Business Alumni Awards after putting in $100.  This faculty challenge has raised $720 to fund students to attend the Business Alumni Awards Ceremony.  Please contact Andrea Cordray if you would like to contribute to this cause, too.

Enjoy the rest of your fall!

Ken Machande
Acting Dean, College of Business