Mukesh Srivastava

Mukesh Srivastava
  • Professor
  • Business
  • Academic Degrees

    • B.S., Garhwal University, India
    • MBA, Jackson State University
    • DBA., University of Surrey, UK
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Strategic Management and Innovation
    • Technology Adoption
    • Global Outsourcing
    • E-Learning

Mukesh Srivastava, Associate Professor in the College of Business Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems, holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of Surrey, U.K., and is a recipient of the prestigious Cambridge Commonwealth Fellowship. He teaches courses on strategic management in information systems and innovation, knowledge management systems, business intelligence, management of emerging technologies, and enterprise resource planning systems. His research is primarily focused on technology adoption, global outsourcing, strategic management and innovation, and eLearning.

Dr. Srivastava recently founded the International Journal of Global Management Studies and the International Journal of Global Management Studies Quarterly and serves as the editor-in-chief of both journals. The journals are published by the Association of Global Management Studies, which Dr. Srivastava formed as a platform for the study of global themes across management. In 2010, the association sponsored its inaugural international conference, with Srivastava serving as chair. The group’s gathering, held in Las Vegas, drew more than 20 academics from five countries including New Zealand, Taiwan and Germany. Dr. Srivastava also chaired the second 2011 conference, which was attended by 23 academics from seven countries, and presented the paper “Co-Creation Methodologies in a Matrix Organization: A Hermeneutic Approach.”

In 2010, Dr. Srivastava had his textbook “eLearning Via The Internet: An Empirical Study” published by Pearson Learning Solutions.

Dr. Srivastava spent October 2011 in Tunisia as part of a Fulbright Specialist grant for 2011-12.  While in Tunisia, he developed a graduate program in management and information technology for the Tunis Business School at Tunis University.

He also serves on the editorial board of the Contemporary Management Research journal. In addition, he co-chairs the advisory board of the Shree Satya Institute of Management, a post-graduate degree granting institution in India. His articles on management and information systems have been published in national and international journals. In 2011, he was quoted extensively in a special supplement to the Wall Street Journal sponsored by SAP that discusses enterprise resource planning in China. The interview stems from his report, “Chinese Cultural Implications for ERP Implementation” in the Journal of Technology Management and Innovation.