George R. Greene

George Greene
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Business
  • Academic Degrees

    • BBA, MBA, University of Georgia
    • Ph.D., Georgia State University
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Leadership
    • Motivation
    • Organizational Ethics
    • Strategic Management
    • Dynamics of Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership
    • Dynamics of Human Resources (“People”) Management
    • Dynamics of Organizational Development
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making

G. Robert Greene, Associate Professor in the College of Business Department of Management and Marketing, earned a Ph.D. (1983) in management from Georgia State University, as well as an MBA (1962) in human resource management and insurance, and a BBA (1958) in insurance and economics from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Greene can speak knowledgeably about entrepreneurship, strategic management, leadership, motivation, and organizational ethics. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in organizational behavior and leadership, human resources management, organizational change, and strategic management.

He has had articles about such topics as entrepreneurship, management, and capitalism published in professional journals and other publications. An experienced entrepreneur with prior experience as a line manager in private sector, military, and academic organizations, Dr. Greene founded and served for 25 years as president of a management and marketing consulting business.