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Beginning 2015-2016, the College of Business will change its degree program to reflect the addition of majors. Previously, students who completed the program received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and were able to identify an area of specialization, but not a major. The revised program allows students to major in one of three areas: Accounting, Business Administration, or Marketing. Under the revised program, students still receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, but will have a major specified on their transcripts.

Business Administration majors will have the option to select from one of three focus areas: General Business, Management Information Systems, and Management.

The information below provides information on the current program and the program that will begin in 2015-2016. We encourage you to review the programs and their requirements and decide whether you would like to continue in the program under the current guidelines, or to change to the revised program and its guidelines.

Advising Guide for Accounting Major

Advising Guide for Business Administration Major

Advising Guide for Marketing Major

Admission to the College of Business

Catalog entry for CURRENT Program

Requirements for the Business Major

Forty-five (45) credits in Business courses, as follows:

Lower-Division Requirements: Business Administration 131, 132, 152, 259, and 283. (Or 135 in place of 131, 132.)

Upper-Division Requirements:  Business Administration 300, 310, 350, 353, 381, 490A and twelve (12) additional upper level business elective(s) credits.

If students would like to emphasize a specific business area through the selection of their electives, they may choose courses from the following areas and courses.

Accounting: 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 432, 435A, 437.

Management: 345, 346, 347, 363, 425, 473.

Management Information Systems: 354, 356, 363, 441, 446, 448.

Marketing: 410, 413, 414.

Additional elective courses in these areas of emphasis may be selected in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Catalog Entry for 2015-2016 Program

Requirements for Business Majors

Students considering majoring in Business must take, BLAW 201, MATH 200 or its equivalent (CPSC 320, ECON 361, or PSYC 261), and ECON 201 and 202, which are required prerequisites for certain courses in the major.

All majors share a common core of 30 hours of business classes. This common business core consists of:

Twelve (12) hours of lower-division requirements:

ACCT 101*, ACCT 102*, MIST 201, DSCI 259

*ACCT 110 may be taken in place of the ACCT 101 and 102 sequence

And eighteen (18) hours of upper-division requirements:

MGMT 301, MKTG 301, BUAD 350, DSCI 353, FINC 301, MGMT 490

Students must then complete an additional eighteen (18) hours of classes to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Students may major in Business Administration, Accounting, or Marketing. Upon completion of the program, student transcripts shall state their degree (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) and their major.

The following majors and their post-business-core requirements are available:

Business Administration Major (18 hours):

18 hours of upper-level electives within the College of Business

Accounting Major (18 hours):

Required: ACCT 301, ACCT 302, ACCT 304, ACCT 310, and ACCT 460

Students must also compete one of the following: ACCT 320, ACCT 401, ACCT 420, ACCT 430

Marketing Major (18 hours):

MKTG 411, MKTG 450, MKTG 490 plus an additional 9 credits selected from any additional upper-level MKTG courses, GISC 200, or GEOG 250.

Comparison Table of Current and 2015-2016 programs

Current Catalog/Program 2015-2016 Catalog/Program


Number of credit hours required to be completed successfully for program

45 48


Number of credit hours of core business classes (upper and lower level division requirements) taken by all students

33 Credit Hours 30 Credit Hours


Number of upper level elective credits required in addition to the core business classes

12 18
Major Options None. All students receive degree in Business Administration Accounting, Business Administration, or Marketing
Degree as listed on transcript Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Major