Senior Reflections: Sean Kinslow ’17

Sean Kinslow

Graduation is here. Four years at Mary Wash already gone, in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Looking back, I am so happy I made the decision that I did in coming to UMW. I have made lifelong friends, made memories and learned things in and out of the classroom that will help shape me fort the rest of my life.  I came to Mary Wash for a degree but I will be leaving with so much more. The “so much more” came from getting involved here on campus. As a business major, I have really enjoyed my four years in the College of Business (COB). Great professors, small class sizes, and a friendly and helpful administration have all left me with an outstanding experience in the COB. Even better than in-classroom activities was getting involved outside of the required lectures. The COB constantly has great events for business majors and non-business majors alike. Activities such as mocktails, speed networking, and guest lectures were some of my favorites. These events helped prepare me for … [Read more...]

Senior Reflections: Melisa Pilipovic ’17


Melisa Pilipovic is a senior accounting major. She will begin as a federal auditor with KPMG in May. How the College of Business Helped Me With only roughly two weeks left until my Undergraduate Commencement, I have been reminiscing on all of my past experiences here at Mary Washington. Many of my fondest memories revolve around the College of Business. Every semester, the College of Business hosts many different types of events to engage students, help them with networking, and to meet professionals that may be of guidance for the future. I have attended multiple events offered like Speed Networking and various Financial Seminars, but one event in particular became an event that I looked forward to attending every fall semester. The event is called Meet the Accounting Firms. Being the ambitious freshmen that I was, I attended Meet the Accounting Firms my first fall semester, not knowing anything about it. This event was structured towards upperclassmen and Business … [Read more...]

College of Business Hosts 1st Annual COB Case Competition


The College of Business hosted its 1st Annual COB Case Competition, presented by Beautiful Home Services, on Friday, April 28 in Woodard Hall. Five groups of students from Dr. Woody Richardson and Dr. Wei Chen's MGMT 490 classes were selected by College of Business faculty as finalists in the competition. Each group pitched its final presentation to a panel of judges. The prize for first place was $3,000, second place $1,500, and third place $500. Judging the competition was Andrew Blate '04 and  Craig Schneibolk of Beautiful Home Services, Melinda May '91, College of Business faculty member Dr. John Marsh and Cara Parker '05 MBA. Results 1st Place - Pink Ladies 2nd Place - KJAM 3rd Place - Financial Revolution Finalists Pink Ladies - Jessica Hendricks, Abigail Mathews, Bridget McCormack, Taylor Turner KJAM - Kadeem Gittens, Jasmine Mann, Ariel Paulk, Margaret Tuite  Financial Revolution - Wyatt Burr, Sarah Cloude, John Lowe, Kayla Smith TRAJE - Tiffany Yowell, … [Read more...]

Senior Reflections: Sierra Turner ’17

Sierra Turner

What COB Means To Me Written by Sierra Turner '17 Here I am in my final semester at the University of Mary Washington. Over the past few years I have made lifelong friends, gained a vast amount of knowledge, and made the University of Mary Washington my home. The most impactful part of my time here has been being involved with the College of Business, also known as the COB. Come graduation, I will not only leave the university with professional relationships and the knowledge to successfully go out into the “real world,” but also a new perspective of what COB really means to me. Community, Opportunity, and Beneficial conjointly interpret my experiences with the College of Business. Reminiscing to the first day I stepped foot into Woodard Hall I was overwhelmed with the sense of community between the students, staff, and professors. While walking through the building I was greeted with warm smiles, enlightening conversations, and the sense of belonging. In class professors … [Read more...]

Career Chats Connects Students and Alumni

Cara Parker '05 MBA

Business alumni returned to the University of Mary Washington's new home at Woodard Hall for Career Chats on March 28 and 29, 2017. Career Chats, an initiative of the College of Business, connects students with successful alumni professionals to network, share knowledge and experience, and provide students with an opportunity to engage directly with alumni. Business alumni visited from as far away as Massachusetts. The speakers represented a variety of career fields and professions. Some are entrepreneurs, sales executives, chief financial officers from industries ranging from the federal government to real estate. Cara Parker '05 MBA, president of C Parker Consulting, led an interactive session in Dr. Wei Chen's class. Parker consults other organizations to realize their potential and work smarter. She shared the importance of finding internships that will help provide a path. "The early contacts you make are important and can last a lifetime. Build those relationships," she … [Read more...]

Senior Reflections: Sean Prin

Sean Prin '17

As graduation quickly approaches, the College of Business will feature a new senior blog post each week. This week's post is from Sean Prin.  Sean is majoring in accounting and will begin work at KWC, Certified Public Accountants in Alexandria, Virginia. In my time at the University of Mary Washington and the UMW College of Business, I have matured in my studies and character through sports and the relationships built with my professors. Although I no longer play lacrosse, the time I spent going to workouts, practices, and social events helped me develop the necessary skills to balance work and fun. My motto became “work hard, play hard.” There is sometimes a negative perception about athletes in regards to the classroom. But that is not true. As athletes, we are taught to put our studies first, hence the term “student-athlete.” My coaches never gave me issues when I needed to see a professor and had to be late for practice. The biggest issue I struggled with were the days … [Read more...]

Senior Reflections: Alexander Cragg

Alex Cragg

As graduation quickly approaches, the College of Business will feature a new senior blog post each week. Our inaugural post is from Alex Cragg.  Alex is majoring in business administration and plans to attend graduate school for his MBA degree. There’s a science in everything It absolutely astonishes me how much we know about the natural world.  The way we have evolved, not just physically, but in our capacity to reason and understand what’s around us is staggering, and there doesn’t seem to be a ceiling.  The immensity of the universe can often make one feel small and inconsequential, but the silver lining for me is that there’s simply so much out there to be gained – in knowledge, and in ability. When I began college in 2013, I hadn’t the slightest clue about where I wished to go afterwards, much less what I would major in.  All I knew was that I never wanted to stop learning, so keeping an open mind and a variety of options seemed essential.  It eventually became clear that … [Read more...]

Marketing Down Under


Early this January, 13 UMW students took a 3-mile kayak trip across the Hauraki Gulf from Auckland to Rangitoto Island. Hiking to the summit of the island’s volcano, the class watched the sun set over the city in the distance before paddling back under a star-filled sky. … [Read more...]

Dr. Kashef Majid’s First-Year Seminar Students Tour FBI Headquarters


College of Business professor Kashef Majid accompanied students from his First-Year Seminar course entitled Finding Bad to FBI Headquarters in late November. Accounting professor Sayan Sarkar also attended the trip with some of his accounting students. Majid's course uses economic theories that won their authors the Nobel Prize, and examines what happens when one cannot distinguish between the good and the bad to find the better choice. The trip to the FBI Headquarters was a natural choice and excellent chance to experience real-world examples to complement the course. The students arrived in the morning and were greeted by FBI staff and then taken on a tour of the Strategic Information Operations Center. Later, they were formally welcomed by the section chief of the accounting section, enjoyed lunch and then attended three presentations from agents in differing areas of expertise: The FBI from a Field Agent's Perspective Forensic Accounting in the Field using the Bank of the … [Read more...]

Dr. Kim Gower’s Class Impacts Local Community With Service Learning Projects

Dr. Gower's class shares stories about their service learning projects.

Assistant Professor Kim Gower joined the College of Business faculty this fall and is already inspiring her students. Gower currently teaches two Leadership Theory and Practice (MGMT 425) classes. Each student was asked to commit 15 hours of volunteer time to the organization of their choice.  More than 80 students participated and over 1,200 hours were devoted to helping the local community. “I assigned the project because of the list of things from Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy and head of the Equal Justice Initiative, on How to Change the World, Gower said when asked about the purpose of the project. “I have always believed we all have the power to change the world and I was thrilled to see that Bryan had a list of ways to do it. His first point is the idea of Proximity. We often judge situations without really knowing what we are talking about or dealing with because we fail to get close to the situation. As business students and future managers and leaders we often make … [Read more...]