Career Chats Connects Students and Alumni

Business alumni returned to the University of Mary Washington’s new home at Woodard Hall for Career Chats on March 28 and 29, 2017. Career Chats, an initiative of the College of Business, connects students with successful alumni professionals to network, share knowledge and experience, and provide students with an opportunity to engage directly with alumni.

Cara Parker '05 MBA

Cara Parker ’05 MBA

Business alumni visited from as far away as Massachusetts. The speakers represented a variety of career fields and professions. Some are entrepreneurs, sales executives, chief financial officers from industries ranging from the federal government to real estate.

Cara Parker ’05 MBA, president of C Parker Consulting, led an interactive session in Dr. Wei Chen’s class. Parker consults other organizations to realize their potential and work smarter. She shared the importance of finding internships that will help provide a path. “The early contacts you make are important and can last a lifetime. Build those relationships,” she said when talking about how she remains close with a supervisor from her first job. Parker urged students to request informational interviews to better understand how an organization works and what its culture is like.

Lee Murray '04

Lee Murray ’04

Lee Murray ’04, a Financial Advisor with Cary Street Partners, spoke to Dr. Kim Gower’s class. Murray stressed the importance of work ethic, internships, being professional and planning ahead. ” You aren’t going to find the perfect job right out of school. Work hard because it will pay off down the road. Treat people the way you want to be treated and remember that work ethic is what will set you apart.”

Career Chats is hosted annually during the spring semester by the UMW College of Business. Alumni interested in participating in future Career Chats should visit the Career Chats information page. Recruitment for this event takes place in January each year.


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