Dr. Kashef Majid’s First-Year Seminar Students Tour FBI Headquarters

fbiCollege of Business professor Kashef Majid accompanied students from his First-Year Seminar course entitled Finding Bad to FBI Headquarters in late November. Accounting professor Sayan Sarkar also attended the trip with some of his accounting students. Majid’s course uses economic theories that won their authors the Nobel Prize, and examines what happens when one cannot distinguish between the good and the bad to find the better choice. The trip to the FBI Headquarters was a natural choice and excellent chance to experience real-world examples to complement the course.

The students arrived in the morning and were greeted by FBI staff and then taken on a tour of the Strategic Information Operations Center. Later, they were formally welcomed by the section chief of the accounting section, enjoyed lunch and then attended three presentations from agents in differing areas of expertise:

  • The FBI from a Field Agent’s Perspective
  • Forensic Accounting in the Field using the Bank of the Commonwealth case example
  • The Transition from White Collar Crime to National Security

The experience helped expand the students’ view of careers the business and accounting industry. “Being so close to Washington, DC, we are fortunate to have opportunities like this,” Majid said. “The trip was inspiring to our students and showed them that people in this field of work are not motivated by salary, as many gave up lucrative careers to join the agency. They were driven to have passion for their work, serve their country, and truly make a difference.”

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